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Steak and Frites (3)
Carlingford_Loch_Rock_Oyster 4-min

½ dozen rock oysters with a bottle of Crémant

Serving Crémant de Loire Brut; a delicious blend from the Loire Valley and using only white grapes, the blend is light and refreshing, making it a delightful aperitif. In addition, enjoy half a dozen of Carlingford Rock Oysters, sweet in taste and harvested from the north coast of Ireland.

The perfect way to start an evening and for long summer nights on the terrace.

Steak and Frites (2)

Steak Frites for two with a carafe of wine

A firm favourite and classically French, opt for our Steak Frites for two. Served with béarnaise sauce and pomme frites, alongside a carafe of our house wine. Red or white? Take your pick between Falanghina 2022, Federiciane Monteleone or Syrah N.V., L’Entrepreneur.

Our Steak Frites option is the ideal mid-week treat with a friend or loved one.