Has the change in ownership impacted your perception of Bellanger?
Has the change in ownership made you less likely to make a booking with us?
How would you rate the price value of our menu?
How do you rate the overall quality of our food?
Do you think there is enough variety on our menus?
How satisfied are you with the level of service provided by our staff?
How would you rate the ambience and interiors of our restaurant on a scale from unappealing to inviting
Would you consider our restaurant suitable for hosting business meetings in the Private Dining Room?
How likely are you to utilise our Private Dining Room for special events or gatherings?
Are you interested in participating in wine events or community-related events hosted by our restaurant?
Would live music offer make it more likely for you to book a table at our restaurant?
What kind of live music would you like to see?
Are there any specific additions or improvements you would like to see in our restaurant? If so, please list below
Are there better dining options in Islington/Angel compared to Bellanger? If so, please name below